How to mount action camera on helmet

The attachment to the helmet is a parade discipline for many action cams, for which there are different solutions. To make exciting recordings, you can attach your action cam to the helmet. You can choose from different options for this. Lightweight action cams such as the GoPro are particularly well suited for secure attachment to … Read more

How To Use Electric Smoker

If you like delicious food and barbecue, you will enjoy one of the best cooking utensils on the market. This motor will be electric. The smoker’s possession of the best flavors found on the barbecue. You can also use smoking for all kinds of meat of your choice. The hardest part of shopping for the … Read more

Northstar Tactical Core Tech Sleeping Bag Review 2021

I love the outdoors, so I’m always shocked when someone says that they don’t. When I ask why the most common response is ‘it’s so uncomfortable to sleep in a tent.’ Well, I dispute this. It’s only uncomfortable to sleep in a tent if you are using a poor-quality sleeping bag. Thankfully, there are numerous … Read more

Ninja Coffee Bar CF080Z Review 2021

The Ninja Coffee Bar gives you plenty of options for making different types of coffee drinks, but it is a bit complicated to operate. If you like gadgets and experimenting with coffee concoctions, the Ninja Coffee Bar might be the best coffee maker for you. However, if you prefer simplicity, maybe not. This 8-cup drip … Read more

Canon Rebel T5i Review

The T5i may lag behind in image quality, but its user-friendly features and plentiful lens options make it an attractive option for beginners. Canon has been a prominent player in the beginner DSLR market for quite some time. Over the years, it has introduced a wide variety of accessories and lenses, as well as some … Read more

10 Superb National Parks in India

With a coastline of 7,517 kilometres, disparate topography that spans the Himalayas, Ghats, Thar Desert and Sundarbans and four distinct climates, India is indeed a veritable continent. Rich and precious biodiversity runs through the country from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal and from Kashmir to Kerala. India has close to one hundred … Read more

Best Castles in Japan

When we think of castles, Europe is often the place that first comes to mind. Windsor Castle, Neuschwanstein, Carcassonne, Malbork Castle and the like, dominate our depictions of what a proper castle should look like. A shame because Japan has a rich collection of castles that rivals England, France and Germany. Built for defensive and … Read more

The Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Time to throw some love in the direction of Indonesia. In the wake of natural disasters and terrorist attacks over the past decade, the archipelago republic can be a bit of a tough sell to potential tourists from abroad. Which is why we turn our attention now to the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The Java … Read more

10 Must-See Attractions in Fukuoka

With a collective apology to Sapporo, Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka, the city in Japan that incites more praise for livability, sustainability and green space is the capital of Fukuoka Prefecture. The city of more than 1.5 million is just across Busan, South Korea on the Korea Strait. Though the city of Kitakyushu, a mere 90 … Read more

10 Must-See Attractions in Taipei

The provisional capital of the Republic of China has become a hyper-modern, progressive, information technology hub with a metro population of more than 10 million people in a relatively short period of time. Just when exactly did Taipei and by extension, Taiwan, become such a dominant player in the world economy? The story of how … Read more