How to mount action camera on helmet

The attachment to the helmet is a parade discipline for many action cams, for which there are different solutions.

To make exciting recordings, you can attach your action cam to the helmet. You can choose from different options for this.

Lightweight action cams such as the GoPro are particularly well suited for secure attachment to a helmet. But of course, other models can also be easily secured to the helmet with the right mount:

Overview: How to attach the Action Cam to the helmet

If you want to attach your action cam to your helmet, you have three options:

  1. you can use adhesive pads to easily stick lightweight cameras. To ensure that the pads fit well, you should make sure that the entire adhesive surface lies flat on the helmet. Slits or bulges in the helmet could cause the adhesive pads to come loose. Therefore, they are very suitable especially for circular helmets. Adhesive pads come in different styles: flat and curved. Since helmets are usually round, curved adhesive pads are usually more suitable.
  2. Some helmets have ventilation slots, which usually makes it difficult to find a suitable adhesive pad location. If you have a helmet with breathing slits, use a Vented Helmet Strap. You can pull this strap between the slots and secure the camera at the desired location. However, most helmets only allow you to attach the Action Cam to the top of your head.
  3. In the event that your helmet has neither sufficient support surfaces for adhesive pads, nor well-positioned ventilation slots, you can also resort to a headband mount. You not only have to pull this over your head, but also over the helmet. This mounting option is similar to a headlamp. Most headbands are large enough that they can easily be attached to large helmets.

Camera position and perspective

Whether you mount the Action Cam in the center of the helmet, at forehead level or even on the side of the helmet depends on your taste. Keep in mind that the videos will show a different angle depending on the position. If you mount the camera on the side, you should also be careful not to bump into anything and possibly damage the cam.

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