Sliding into the Boryeong Mud Festival

The city of Boryeong, located in Korea, is one of the most beautiful in the region. Surrounded by sandy beaches and towering mountains, the city is considered to be very blessed. Every year the city of Boryeong comes to life for what seems like a frivolous and silly event, yet it is rich with history and culture. Prepare to be amazed by the things you witness at the Boryeong Mud Festival.


The truth is that the Boryeong Mud Festival didn’t start out as a simple, fun festival. It was started in 1998 by the Boryeong Mud Cosmetic company in order to promote the benefits of using mud from the region in cosmetics and skin care products. The mud from Boryeong is the area’s most prized, reputable, and exportable products.


The first festival focused more on catering to the needs of local Boryeong residents. The second festival, held in 1999, took things up a notch. Mud sliding competitions, rodeo rides, and a series of cultural performances were added to the agenda in order to garner the attention of area tourists. The changes worked and the festival was a huge success.


The Boryeong Mud Festival has since grown into a continuous, annual event held each summer. Thousands of visitors flock to Boryeong to partake in mud baths, receive mud massages, and try mud-based cosmetics for the first time.


More than a million visitors, both from Korea and from international destinations, flock to Boryeong for the festival each year. Many believe that the mud from the beach contains minerals that will clear the skin and possibly even reduce wrinkles.


The festival begins each summer with an opening ceremony. During the ceremony you’ll be graced with performances by area dancers and musicians and will have the opportunity to listen to lectures and presentations about mud, how it is used, and how the local economy sees the market for Boryeong mud changing. Because of the level of tourism to the area, most of the presentations are given in Korean while interpreters translate them into English and sign language.


Throughout the festival, which usually lasts around 4 days, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in mud pool sliding, give yourself a self massage in the mud, try your hand at mudflat sports, and much more. If you’d prefer to stay clean, you can simply watch from the sidelines or visit some of the other tourist attractions scattered throughout Boryeong.


In order really enjoy the experience, though, you should get down and get dirty in the mud. There are dozens of events to choose from aside from sliding or massage. There are obstacle courses, marathons, and even mud-based boot camps to choose from. There’s something for everyone – regardless of age or gender.


At the end of each day of the festival you’ll enjoy relaxing on the white sandy beaches of Boryeong to enjoy the fireworks displays. If you don’t plan on staying another day, make sure you stop at one of the vendor stalls to buy a packet of mud to take home with you. There’s simply no doubt about the fact that the mud from this region of the world has startling cosmetic benefits.


Make sure you book your Boryeong hotel room as far in advance as possible if you plan on visiting the area during the festival. Hotel room rates are very high during this time of the year and if you don’t book early you may have trouble finding a decent place to stay.


Oh, and one last thing. Make sure you take some old clothes to the festival and don’t carry anything you don’t need – including your cell phone. If you have it on your body it’s fair game when it comes to getting dirty at the Boryeong Mud Festival!

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